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Sound familiar?

- You're not sure how to support your teen

- There is no agreed list of things to do

- Time is wasted

- You end up nagging

Would you like?

+ To know how you can help

+ Your teen to feel supported 


+ To add value by getting what they need in place

+ To save time getting the correct resources

about myGCSEs

+ Actions you can take to help your teen


+ Decisions you can make that will support your teen


+ Time saving links to books and papers.

How to use 'Parent'

+ No need to read it all up front


+ Get what you need when you need it


+ Use the KS4  timeline / calendar (in Actions) to organise when to take action

+ Use the Action section to help you get things done


+ Use the Resources section to locate books and papers


+ Use the Student section to stay one step ahead ahead of your teen, understand what they are dealing with, and maybe help them


Key Stage 4 suddenly felt like things were getting serious just at the time my teen stopped listening! 


Its really helpful to have some practical ideas for what to do! 

Jason (parent)