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Sound familiar?

- It's not clear what needs to happen when during KS4


- My teen doesn't use their study space or seem to find it useful


- My teen has equipment but I don't know if it's suitable


- My teen needs books and practice papers but they're really hard to find


- My teen's paperwork is a shambles and goes missing


- Exam days are chaotic and stressful

Would you like?

+ To know what to do when during KS4


+ To know how to create somewhere for your teen to work effectively


+ To get your teen the right equipment


+ To find and get the right books and practice papers


+ To help get your teen organised


+ To have a routine so exam days go smoothly

about myGCSEs

+ Explanation of what to do when during KS4


+ Step by step guide to actions you can take to:

  • enable your teens study

  • obtain the correct equipment

  • obtain the correct books and practice papers


  • get your teens paperwork organised

  • make exam days go smoothly


Teachers told me to produce a plan like a timetable, but it just didn't work.  Thank goodness I found this approach, it actually works! 

Ben (student)