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Sound familiar?

- Your teen seems overloaded and you don't know if they need your help

- The school have targets for your teen, but you don't know what actually needs to be achieved and where effort should be focused

- Your teen doesn't seem motivated and all you can do is nag

Would you like?

+ To take some of their load so they can focus on study

+ To know what their priorities are and why, so you can give them permission to focus on what is important

+ Your teen to be motivated and making maximum progress with the minimum of stress

about myGCSEs

+ Learn how to take some of the load and help them to succeed


+ Learn how to help them define reasonable success criteria so focus is in the right areas

+ Learn how to engage their passion and make KS4 more enjoyable and Year 11 easier


Teachers told me to produce a plan like a timetable, but it just didn't work.  Thank goodness I found this approach, it actually works! 

Ben (student)