Actions - Environment

Homework Space

  • Furniture: A desk and a comfortable chair are essential

  • Storage: A ‘bookshelf’ that can take lever arch folders and textbooks

  • Lighting: Make sure there’s plenty of ambient and task lighting

  • Personalisation: Add some items that are personal to your teen but not too distracting!

  • Colour: Some invigorating colour?


Family routine


GCSEs are a big challenge and as the family need to be the support team it may need may need to change some of the ways it does things to support studying.


The best way to prepare for exams is to practise doing exams.  But practising during the school week after school is hard because of school homework: allowing some time for relaxation at the weekend probably means there is only time for 1 practice paper at the weekend.  So during term time not much exam practise will get done.


So school holidays turn out to be the best time to prepare for exams as it is possible to do 2 practice exams a day for 6 days a week.


  • Autumn half term before mocks - 6 exams

  • Christmas - half a school holiday spent working - 12 exams

  • Spring half term - 6 exams

  • Easter - half a school holiday spent working - 12 exams


Sounds like a lot of practise? Not really given there may be 20 exams in the summer and only 36 practise slots! Point is, if you are thinking of having holidays during year 11, then it will be hard for you teen to find time to practise.


Before mocks, plan a daily family routine for exam days. During mocks, give it a go and find out what works best for you teen. Once you get to the summer exams, stick to your routine.