Actions - Timeline

Summer before year 10

  • Do the more important / less important exercise

  • Create a place for studying

  • Buy the resources (see the Books and Papers section) for favourite subjects

  • Encourage independent learning in favourite subjects - get ahead


Summer before year 11

  • Do the more important / less important exercise again (in case things have changed!)

  • Buy ‘exam equipment’ (see Student - Organise - Equipment) and put together a ‘pencil case’

  • Buy lever arch folders and set up a filing system

  • Think about family holidays … and the need for your teen to revise before mock exams and real exams.  Maybe going away during the school holidays is not sich a great idea this year?


Before mocks

  • 6 to 8 weeks before mocks, help you teen to get an overview plan in place (see Student - Study - Plan or Student - Revise - Plan

  • Adjust your family routine to simulate how it should be during the real exams (practice family revision days and exam days routine!)

  • Buy Practice Papers

  • Get the practice papers filed in the lever arch folders

  • Once practice papers are complete make sure they are filed in the lever arch folders - don’t lose them!

  • Create an exam day checklist and put it ‘on the fridge’


During mocks

  • Simulate the real exams

  • Meal times, bed times, wake up times

  • Journeys

  • Exam pencil case

  • Checks before leaving the house


After mocks

  • Have a good rest! Definitely a need for everyone to stop working for a couple of weeks

  • Build a new plan to get to a second set of mocks or the real exams

  • Buy more practice papers!


At Easter / before the real exams

  • Buy a cheap but fast printer (e.g. Samsung M2026W)

  • Print specifications, past papers and mark schemes (estimated 500 to 1000 pages!)

  • Get the papers filed in the filing system so they can be found


During the exams

  • Stay calm

  • Follow the routine

  • Use checklists

  • Don’t ask questions but be available to listen and be taught

  • Avoid night before cramming … go for a walk and let them chat