Decisions - Teamwork

If you are worried you will probably find yourself nagging at your teen:

  • “you need to work harder”

  • “get off your phone”

  • “go to bed early”


We have some suggestions, but first a little anecdote. A mountaineer attempting to climb Mount Everest can NOT do it alone because they can not carry everything that is needed:

  • Water

  • Food

  • Oxygen

  • Camping equipment

  • Fuel

  • Safety equipment


An attempt on Mount Everest requires a team to carry the supplies and yet not all members of the team reach the summit!


GCSEs, particularly year 11, are a tough challenge even for very clever students.  There is a huge amount to understand, memorise, learn to use: then on top, there is the need to cope with 20+ exams.


In addition to studying, students need a mountain of resources.  Very few 14 and 15 year olds are capable of organising everything they need, they may not even know they need some of them:

  • An environment for studying

  • Equipment

  • Books

  • Practice Papers

  • A filing system


Some things may require difficult changes that affect the whole family:

  • In the family home - bedrooms / study zone / quiet times

  • To family routines - holidays, meal times, bed times, electronic devices


So good news parents, there are things your teen needs you to do!


BIG decision: to focus on what you can do and provide the things they need


GCSEs are pretty tough for a teen - physically, mentally and emotionally - and their family really can make a difference.