Prepare - After Exam

Why reflect after a simulation exam?


Everyone makes mistakes under pressure and working out how you can do better next time is a key part of getting better GCSE results.


Outcomes after using this page:


  • You know how to reflect after a simulation exam



Use the mark scheme to mark your paper. If possible get someone else, for example, a parent, older sibling, neighbour, or teacher to have a look too.

Pay particular attention to level marked questions and try to understand how the examiner wants the questions answered.


After marking the past paper, you can look up the grade boundaries for the specific paper. These will indicate what grade you would get for the marks you have awarded yourself.

The grade boundaries change each year so making sure you choose the correct one is important.



Consider why you got the mark you did:

  • Did you make silly mistakes?

  • Did you understand the question?

  • Did you have the facts in your memory?

  • Did you know how to solve the problem?

  • Did you know how to get higher marks in a level marked question?


Action plan


This is the hard bit, as you have to be really honest with yourself and be willing to change or ask for help:

  • Why did you make silly mistakes and how can you change your attitude or behaviour?

  • Who can explain something you don’t understand?

  • Do you need to spend more time memorising?

  • Should you focus on practising example questions rather than just reading?

  • Are you willing to play the examiners game and follow their rules?