Prepare - Before Exam

Why prepare before a simulation exam?


Creating a situation that is similar to examination day and the examination room will mean the real exams won’t be a shock.

Outcomes after using this page:


  • You know how to get ready for a practice exam



When simulating exam, make the environment as realistic as possible.



  • Work at a clear (not just tidy) desk

  • Sit in an upright seat

  • Have plenty of light

  • Be in a quiet area

  • Be undisturbed



  • Listen to music

  • Use any devices that aren’t allowed in the exam




Use your exam pencil case and ONLY the equipment you are going to use in your exams.




If possible (during weekends and holidays) start your exam simulations at the published time the real exam will start. If you’ve never done an exam at 09:00 your first real exam at 09:00 could be a big challenge.


Set up a clock in your room (some schools use analog clocks). Get used to seeing time ticking away in exams - it is stressful unless you get used to it.




Daily life is designed around adults and most teenagers find mornings difficult. During the real exams you will need to get up early, have breakfast, travel to school and then take an exam. Things become less difficult if we practise, so before an exam simulation go through a normal school day routine.


You won’t do your best in exams if you are tired. From the beginning of the Easter holidays (sooner if you can and also during mocks / PPEs) get into an ‘early-early’ routine.


This may feel alien, but if you get into this habit from the beginning of the Easter holidays you will feel a million times better once the exams start … and don’t make life harder by having a ‘late-late’ routine on weekends. It’s only for a few weeks and you will have the whole of the summer holidays to do ‘late-late’!




Casual clothes can feel very different to school uniform or whatever your school will require you to wear on the day. It may seem crazy, but wear at home what you will have to wear during the real exam.

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