Planning - Define Strategy

Why bother with a Strategy?


To have any chance of achieving your Aims you need an approach that you can understand and follow to get you there.


Outcomes after using this page


  • You know how to study to slowly and surely get through all the topics in the syllabus


What is the best way to Study?


The best approach to study is to go topic by topic through the syllabus and get one thing learnt at a time. (Note: when you are revising it’s a different order).


If you are going at the same speed as you class at school then find out from your teacher when each topic will be covered (make sure the teacher is leaving enough time for revision and will have everything covered before revision starts!)


If you are studying independently to get ahead in your favourite subjects then do the topics in paper order as this allows you to start practising papers sooner than alternating between papers

  • Paper 1 topics

  • Paper 2 topics


If you have a modern Textbook or Revision Guide the contents page will give you an order to study in.

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