Planning - Outline Plan

Why bother with an overview plan?


It is important to learn something about every topic … because the first few marks of every question in the exams are the easiest marks to get! An overview plan makes sure you don’t miss anything out and that you don’t spend too much time on any one topic.


Outcomes after using this page


  • You understand how to make an overview plan

  • You have created an overview plan


Step one


Find out when your first GCSE exam will be (or assume it will be in the middle of May)


Work out how many weeks you have available from the current date to the start of the exams


Step two


From the number of weeks available, take away

  • 8 weeks for final revision

  • 6 weeks for revision before mock exams


The remaining total is how many weeks you have to get everything learnt!


Step three


Now look in your Textbooks and find out how many pages are listed in the contents page.


Divide the number of pages by the number of weeks you have available to give you how many pages you need to do per week!


Step four


Make a table, weeks across the top and subjects down the side and write in the cells which pages you will cover in each week.


See a downloadable example timetable here that you can edit and use.

See an image of an example timetable here.


At this stage you do not need to know on which day you will do which pages. Deciding now will be a waste of time, as detailed plans always get messed up by events!

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