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Sound familiar?

- Not sure how to get ready for exams


- Worried about trying to do practice papers


- Don't know what to expect in exams or what examiners want to read


- Don't have a way to make step by step improvement

Would you like?

+ To be confident you are using the right resources


+  To build confidence while practising and track progress


+ To know the structure of exams and what the examiner expects


+ To get maximum progress with minimum effort

about myGCSEs

+ How to find and choose practice papers


+ How to approach practice papers so you get benefit


+ Using mark schemes to develop your knowledge of exam technique


+ Making a plan to plug gaps in your knowledge


I was struggling to understand things but having followed the suggestions in myGCSEs I now realise that there is a better way than just reading things over and over again.

Jack (student)

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