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Sound familiar?

- Disorganised, don't feel like you're making progress and time is flying by

- Struggling to get to grips with new topics


- Can't remember the facts you need in tests


- You spend lots of time reading and re-reading but find it difficult to get good marks in tests

Would you like?

+ A plan you can follow that doesn't need changed all the time


+ To enjoy learning new topics


+ To know how memory works, to be able to memorise and for memorising to be natural

+ To know how to answer questions and get better marks in tests

about myGCSEs

+ A simple way to create overview and weekly plans that work

+ What to do to start understanding a new or tricky topic


+ Understand how memory works and how to memorise facts you need

+ Get to grips with answering questions rather than just reading or watching videos

How to use Student

+ You don't need to read everything before you start


+ Make things easier by taking one step at a time

+ In year 10 or at the beginning of year 11 start with

  • Organise

  • Study


+ In year 11 before (6 weeks?) mocks or the real exams (10 weeks?) start with

  • Organise

  • Revise

+ Get a plan in place as quickly as possible

  • You may have tried before but struggled

  • It's actually quite easy if you follow our steps

+ Use the exam preparation section a few weeks (3?) before the exams start to

  • adjust your daily routine

  • focus on exam technique

+ Whenever you are working, keep myGCSEs open as your companion to remind you of what to do


We really enjoyed using and it saved us time, effort and money!


We highly recommend it.

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