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Sounds familiar?

- You don’t know what you must achieve or why


- You're studying but it's all a bit random


- You have a plan but don't really follow it as it seems a bit pointless

- There's not many days you feel you actually achieved something

Would you like?

+ To know what you need to achieve and why


+ To have an approach to studying that makes sense


+ An overview plan that covers everything and isn't changing all the time


+ A plan for the week that enables you to measure success every day

about myGCSEs

+ We help you define where you are going and why

+ Learn what approach to take and why

+ Use our tools to build an outline plan that covers everything you have to do

+ Use our tools and convert your outline into a plan for this week


Teachers told me to produce a plan like a timetable, but it just didn't work.  Thank goodness I found this approach, it actually works! 

Ben (student)

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