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Sound familiar?

- You've heard "Parental engagement has a large and positive impact on children’s learning"


- Has anyone explained how to help?


- Want to help your teen through GCSEs?

- Feel time is flying by?

Would you like to?

+ Know 'what to do when' during Key Stage 4

+ Have an organised teen


+ Get the correct equipment


+ Have revision plans that get followed


+ Quickly find Revision Guides and Past Papers


+ Have teen that is making progress

+ Know how to support them through exams

What you get

+ Easy to follow steps for Parents and Students


+ Explanation of practical actions you can take

+ Links to equipment, books, and papers so you can find them quickly


+ Tools and Checklists

+ Dip in and out as you need.

No need to read everything at once.

Why it's different

+ We explain how to 


+ Everything you need in one place

+ Based on a family's recent experience and success in 2019 with 'new-spec' exams

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