... Worries       

We worry about our children as they grow up and face the various challenges that life presents.


Preparing for and sitting GCSE exams is a big event in a teenager's life.  It can be very stressful for them and you, particularly the first time you go through it.  


You may be feeling that your teen:

  • Does not seem motivated

  • Has no plan and gets distracted by electronic devices

  • Is low in confidence

  • Got low grades in mocks, but is capable of better

  • Looks exhausted and appears stressed


You may also have concerns about the school:

  • School communications are confusing

  • Too many lessons have a supply teacher

  • It’s hard to learn with so much class disruption

  • No textbooks to support their learning

  • Intervention is not personalised


And worst of all you are probably feeling inadequate:

  • You can't remember the subjects and help when they get stuck

  • You are busy and finding time is hard

  • You don’t know what they need or when to get it for them

  • You want to see a plan but can’t get one

  • It feels like time is running out.


We had most of these worries at some point or other during the build up to GCSEs and so did many people we spoke to with teens at the same school stage. Your feelings and worries are not unusual!


The good news is that by making a couple of big decisions and cracking on with some practical actions you can make a huge difference to:

  • Reducing their workload

  • Helping them to get organised

  • Supporting their study and revision

  • Getting them ready for exams


Teachers told me to produce a plan like a timetable, but it just didn't work.  Thank goodness I found this approach, it actually works! 

Ben (student)